The room

On the first floor

The house offers 3 double bedrooms with independent access. The rooms are spacious with each their bathroom and private terrace. At dawn the view over the valley and the hills spreads the lovely scenery of goats cheering and hoping from rock to rock. At night, the sky, illuminated by thousand constellations, offers a fire work of shooting stars. Other nights it’s the turn of the moon to creep up from behind the windmills and spread its milky light over the valley. At full moon, the path leading to the village is illuminated with a light that defies flashlights.

Room 2 offers, furthermore, thanks to its small balcony facing west, a panoramic view of the sea and incandescent sunsets.

On the ground floor

Are available two rooms with a connecting bathroom and a large terrace with view. With an independent access as well, these two rooms are ideally fit for a family up to three children. Leading directly to the large ground floor terrace and the breakfast area under the arch, the atmosphere is more chilled.

The Breakfast/Brunch area

and the large terrace is a pleasant meeting up spot though it does not interfere with each and ones privacy