Hiking and Yoga


You may leave the house by a donkey path which leads to the beaches or you may climb up to the hills, your eyes will catch a thousand colors and different shades lit up by a crystal clear atmosphere. The pink thyme is enhanced by the flamboyant hills burnt by the heat. A fresh cluster of odors will overwhelm the hiker. The abundance of smells will travel through the air, combining sage, wild absinth, fennel and oregano. Down in the valley the olive groves will shake their branches covered in small grapes and spread their pollen amongst hundreds of others plant species which grow in the hills. If you decide to have a break and stop your walk for a while, a green lizard will pip out of a rock and look at you in amazement. He won’t move if you don’t budge but one movement of yours will chase him back into his hole. These walls built centuries ago define paths, properties and terraces. The stones build the perfect fortifications for these charming ageless reptiles. And it seems as though nothing has changed in centuries except for the happy bumbling of million insects. Workshops

Yoga retreats

In spring and fall we enjoy inviting yoga teachers and organize small workshops. The large terrace offers the perfect spot for workouts at dawn when the house is the first one to capture the sun. We promote small groups of 10 whith half-board.

You will find our programs under “workshops